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  • Major Incidents In September, October, and November
    Updated On: Dec 20, 2018
    • 09/16/2018 - "C" Shift crews responded to a business alarm on the 7600 block of Boone just after 1600 hours. Battalion Chief 2, Engine 11, and Engine 22 responded. Crews arrived to find smoke showing and upgraded this incident to a business fire. Battalion Chief 1 and Engine 41 responded on the upgrade along with auto aid from West Metro Captain 11 and Tower 1. Crews made entry and found a vehicle in a garage on fire. Crews were able to extinguish the fire quickly preventing it from spreading into the structure.

    • 10/06/2018 - "B" Shift crews responded to a 3rd alarm house fire in Maple Grove around 2200 hours on the 8900 block of Annapolis Ave. Battalion Chief 3, Engine 22, and Engine 31 responded. Crews initially were assigned RIT and then were re-assigned to a secondary search of the residence. Crews cleared the scene just before midnight.

    • 10/07/2018 - "C" Shift crews responded around 0900 hours to stand by in Robbinsdale while multiple departments were on scene of a 3rd alarm house fire. Battalion Chief 2 and Engine 22 responded to the scene.

    • 10/09/2018 - "A" Shift crews responded to the 5800 block of 73rd for a reported apartment fire around 1700 hours. Battalion Chief 1, Engine 11, and Engine 22 responded with auto aid from West Metro Chief 3 and Tower 1. Crews arrived to find nothing showing from the structure. After investigating, crews found a fire-out situation and were able to return to service shortly after.

    • 11/11/2018 - "A" Shift crews responded to a reported house fire on the 3400 block of 77th Ave around 0230 hours. Battalion Chief 1, Engine 11, 22, and 41 enroute with auto aid from West Metro Fire. Initial reports from PD on scene are that the house is fully involved. Battalion Chief 1 arrived and confirmed there is a working house fire with flames showing from the alpha and charlie sides. Engine 22 arrived and pulled a 2 1/2 to the rear to work on extinguishment while cross-lays were pulled to the front side for extinguishment. Once the bulk of the fire was knocked down, crews made entry into the structure. A second alarm was struck brining in surrounding departments. Crews cleared the scene around 0800 hours. (Caption Image Courasy of Kare11)

    •  11/21/2018 - "B" Shift crews responded to reported house fire on the 2900 block of 84th Ave N around 1030 hours. Crews were updated enroute that there was an active fire in the kitchen and BC-3 requested an all call. Engine 22 arrived and confirmed smoke was showing from the Charlie side of the structure. Engine 22 conducted a 360 to find smoke coming from the rear and laid a cross-lay to the front of the structure. Initial Alarm assignment included Chief 1, 2, Battalion Chief 3, Engines 11, 22, and 41, Captain 41, Inspector 1, Deputy Fire Marshal 1, and West Metro Fire on Auto Aid. Engine 22 and 41 made the initial attack. Crews knocked down the fire just before it got into the attic space. West Metro fire was cancelled and crews cleared the scene around noon.

    • 11/24/2018 - "C" shift crews responded to a fire alarm around 1245 on the 5500 block of Brookedale Dr. Initial response included Battalion Chief 2, Engine 11, and Engine 22. Crews arrived to find smoke showing from the 3rd floor of the apartment complex and upgraded this incident to an apartment fire. Crews laid lines and made entry into the apartment to find a cooking fire that had extended into the cabinets and was out.

    • 11/27/2018 - "B" Shift crews responded to a reportd attached garage fire on the 4000 block of 82nd just after 1900 hours. Initial Alarm assignment included: Chief 2, Battalion Chief 3, Engine 11, 22, and 41 with auto-aid from West Metro Fire. Engine 22 arrived to a one-story group home with smoke showing from the bravo side of the structure and took command. Engine 22 was able to knock the fire down quickly before it could spread into the structure. Engine 11 and 22 remained on scene completeing overhaul and all other units returned to service.

    • 11/30/2018 - "B" Shift crews responded to the 5600 block of Zane via auto-aid to West Metro Fire in the city of Crystal for a reported house fire. Battalion Chief 3, Engine 11, and Engine 22 responded. Crews worked as a back-up crew for the incident and assisted with clean-up before returning to service. Once crews arrived back in the city, they responded to a fully-involved semi-truck cab next to a structure and other vehicles. Crews arrived to find the cab fully invovled spreading to another truck and impinging on the structure. Engine 22 pulled a bumper line and Engine 11 laid a supply line to Engine 22. Crews remained on scene for about an hour and returned to service.

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